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Spare Parts and Hardware, Co. (SPARCO)

Sparco has been serving the automotive industry and professionals since 1974. We bring our experience, service, and tremendous inventory to customers across several continents. Our 10,000 square foot main warehouse, and 12,000 square foot Free Zone warehouse stock over 12,000 name-brand parts and accessories making us one of the region’s largest auto parts & accessories retailers and wholesalers.

Sparco caters for both local and export markets covering Europe, Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent, and the Far East.

Sparco covers the wholesale and retail sale of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) after-market quality and replacement parts and has been specialized in spare parts for European vehicles, mainly: Mercedes Benz Passenger Cars, Mercedes Benz Trucks & Trailers, BMW Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Range Rover Passenger Cars, VOLVO Trucks, and Porsche Passenger Cars.

Sparco has been around for forty five (45) years. Throughout these years, we consistently provided great quality products and services to our valued customers, signified by their timeless trust towards us. At Sparco, we continuously forge strong, abiding, lasting, and time-honoured bond with our customers through great effort, quality, service, and trust.

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Products & Services

Wholesale and retail of wide ranges of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket
brands of replacement parts for the following European vehicles:



Exclusive Dealers

We are exclusive dealers for the following brands:

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